Ghastly Grange

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35 Tawini Road Titirangi. The $2 million dollar view, Pay for the View and the house is for Free!

Phone 817 5959 or Niol at 0220 817595

 Master Builder's Own, Crafted over 45 years. This is the first time on the Market, Ever! Totally Unique, this could never ever be built again due planning changes.


Commanding position on ridge. 30 acres of park in front ensures no possibility of losing amazing view


Pool to the left, Garages, filter shed & changing room to right

Permanent Barbacue garden and wood box

4 Storeys in all counting the Main Conservatory on top.

From the deck through to the Kitchen, Family Room and Second Conservatory

November Show

Second Conservatory (Two more small conservatories to go.)